Iron Mountain

AreaWestern Cascades
(Willamette National Forest)
Best time to visitMid-June through mid-July
Blooming NowNo
Elevation4800-5455 feet
Trail Info2 miles round-trip, 650 feet elevation gain
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NOTE: The blue marker indicates the trailhead.


Iron Mountain is located near Tombstone Pass along Highway 20 east of Sweet Home, Oregon (or west of Sisters, depending upon your perspective). It's a veritable wildflower cornucopia with over 300 species. July is a great time to visit, but be warned that it can get somewhat crowded on weekends.

The trail starts from the parking area, and at 0.1 mile reaches a junction with the Cone Peak trail. It's another 0.9 mile trudge up to the summit lookout, which stands at 5450 feet elevation. But the hike is relatively well-graded with plenty of switchbacks, and the wildflowers blanketing the hillside will provide ample distraction.

In addition to the wildflowers, from the Iron Mountain summit you will have great views of Cone Peak, Echo Mountain, Browder Ridge, and the Three Sisters.


Drive on Highway 20 heading east past Sweet Home, Oregon. In 35 miles, near milepost 62 (and approximately one mile before you reach Tombstone Pass), watch for Road 035 on your left (north side of Highway 20). Though rough, this gravel road will accommodate normal passenger vehicles. Take Road 035 for 2.8 miles to a parking area.

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07/19/2019Jim Sellers
07/03/2019D Hayden
06/21/2016David Hansen
07/06/2012Greg Lief
08/02/2011Michael and Tarn Stevens
07/06/2010Angie Moore
07/10/2009Greg Lief
06/26/2008Greg Lief

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Photo Gallery

Browder Ridge and Three Sisters from the Iron Mountain summit

Hillside wildflowers at Iron Mountain

Hillside wildflowers at Iron Mountain

Cone Peak and Echo Mountain from Iron Mountain summit

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