Wildflower Report for Larch Mountain Crater

LocationLarch Mountain Crater
ReporterMarianne Nelson
Web sitehttp://www.NelsonNature.com
CommentsThe road to the parking lot is now open! If you are longing to see spring trilliums and yellow violets, they are along the road. The trail around the crater that starts .3 miles from the parking lot was still completly snowed in--no footprints even to the notice board. The trail to Sherrard Point was full of snow, but we reached it by going through the picnic area and parade grounds. There were a few Avalanche Lilies there. The stairs and top are all melted, and the wildflowers are blooming on top. The Rock Penstemon (Penstemon rupicola) was dominant, with the endemic Howell's Daisy (Erigeron Howellii), as well as a few Cascade Penstemon (Penstemon serrulatus) and Indian Paintbrush. It will be at least a week or two, depending on how hot it stays, before the trail around the crater will be doable. But we met a woman who parked at the 11.6 mile mark and did hike up to the parking area. But she did not want to go back down that way! She was going to hike back on the road.

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