Wildflower Report for Cape Horn

LocationCape Horn
ReporterVictor von Salza
CommentsWalked the upper half of the loop trail from the where the trail goes under SR14 on the West back to the main trailhead at Salmon Falls Rd to the East. There were abundant Candyflower and Cow-parsnip all along the shady areas of the trail. Larkspur was also abundant but well past it's prime except in the shadiest areas. The best display of larkspur mixed in with cow-parsnip was under the tree canopy along the gravel trail leading to the circular rock wall overlook. There the larkspur was dense and mature, nicely mixed among the mostly young cow-parsnip, very pretty in the dappled sun light coming thru the tree canopy. Where the gravel trail headed out from out the trees, saw what appeared to be one stalk of albino/white Larkspur, although on the same stalk a couple of older blossoms below the pure white ones had some tinges of blue... In general Larkspur blossoms seemed smaller than in years past. On the uphill or West side of the upper loop Tiger lily were blooming, in one location they were mixed in with some mature Lupin stalks, but in the downhill switchbacks to the East the tiger lily were still mostly buds. Like the Larkspur Tiger-lily blossoms seemed smaller than in years past. Along the gravel road section of the trail there were abundant Bladder campion lining the both sides of the road, along with some clover in the shadier areas under the trees. There were a lot of daisies in the sunnier areas and the meadow as well. In the wetter areas along the trail from the paved road to where it heads back towards the overlooks saw a about a half dozen Large Monkey flower and about as many mosquitos. Near one of the overlooks there were about a dozen iris blooming, a few Nootka Roses, and a few Paint Brush. Along the switchbacks heading back down to the trailhead saw a few upside-down flowers. Along this section of the trail were also some red/orange columbine, some were already faded while others were in their prime, or not yet at prime. Larkspur here were past there prime and sparser than on the West side. Finally at the trailhead where the trail emerged onto Salmon Falls Road saw one lonely stalk of Foxglove. Overall a nice display and variety of flowers, but (except for the Bladder Campion) generally smaller blooms and less abundant than in 2008 the first time I had walked this same section of trail.

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