Wildflower Report for Pilot Rock trailhead - Jackson County, OR

LocationPilot Rock trailhead - Jackson County, OR
ReporterKaren Phillips
CommentsMade a quick trip up to the Pilot Rock trailhead and saw the following in bloom: Erythronium klamathense, Fritillaria pudica, Astragalus whitneyi, Lomatium triternatum, L. utriculatum, L. Macrocarpum, Castilleja applegatei, Phoenicaulis cherianthoides, Phlox diffusa and Delphinium nuttalianum. In addition, there were quite a few Hesperochiron pumilus and Frasera albicaulis in bud. It's worth noting that there was no snow at all up there. Also - both the Erythronium and Fritillaria were about half the height they were when I saw them up there around this time last year.

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