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What a difference two days can make! Below Lyle White Salmon Rd(LWSRd) in what were just patches of Grass Widow shoots on Friday are now areas <a href="" target="_blank">filled with Grass Widow blooms</a>. Much more Salt and Pepper blooming too, <a href="" target="_blank">sometimes mixed with Grass Widow</a>. Above LWSRd along the road on the slope before you begin to descend to the creek, scattered Grass Widows amid large areas of Grass Widow shoots. Nothing seen blooming along the creek up to the arch. But on the <a href="" target="_blank">bluff above what some call the frog pond</a> (straight up the hillside from the parking area) many large areas of Grass Widow shoots with just a few blooms. Although there are many large patches of Grass Widow blooming already, still much more GW bloom to come.

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