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Abundance of Miner's Lettuce <I>(Claytonia perfoliata)</I> and Pacific Waterleaf <I>(Hydrophyllum capitatum)</I> blooming in the woods near the parking area. Small-flowered Blue-eyed Mary <I>(Collinsia parviflora)</I>, Small-flowered Prairie Star <I>(Lithophragma parviflorum)</I>, Filaree <I>(Erodium cicutarium)</I>, and Rigid Fiddleneck <I>(Amsinckia menziesii </I>var.<I> menziesii)</I> also blooming in the woods. Lots of lupine leaves along the trail, but still no blooms. Above the woods there are still a few Grass Widows <I>(Olsynium douglasii)</I>, but the primary wildflowers are now Poet's Shooting Stars <I>(Dodecatheon poeticum)</I>, Upland Larkspur <I>(Delphinium nuttallianum)</I>, Pungent Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium grayi)</I>, Columbia Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium columbianum)</I>, with lots of Panicled Death Camas <I>(Zigadenus paniculatus)</I> on the way.

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