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Where the trail(old road to the arch) first meets the creek in the canyon on the left side canyon wall were gold stars and some late Grass Widow blossoms. Immediately after that as the trail(old road) flattens out and begins to go up the canyon on the right side is a large pile of stone opposite that on the left side where the oaks begin saw a lot of Dutchman Breeches which appear to be at peak bloom - saw one branch with withering flowers, all others were full with blossom, no buds to be seen anywhere. Along the trail that goes from the southeast corner of the corral up thru the arch, in the area under the oaks Chocolate lillies are beginning to bloom, but the Chocolate lilies above the arch were not blooming yet. Along the base of the cliff up valley from the arch were Balsamroot quite full of bloom, but with many buds yet to blossom. On the trail from the flat area below the high power lines that continues up the right side of the valley were many flowers that I do not know the name of and up on the ridges were a few fields of small white Popcorn flowers as well as still more patches of shooting stars. Along the trail from above the arch back to the road saw many patches of shooting stars and a few random Camas blooms among the many stalks of Camas that have started to come up. Coming from the West on the way to CC along Old Highway No.8 as you leave the little lake behind and head up on the to bluff, there are many Balsamroot and Lupines blooming already there... a warm south facing slope I'm sure is the reason, but still its startling to see them so far ahead of the same plants elsewhere.

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