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This is a good time to visit! Lots of Common Camas <I>(Camassia quamash)</I> blooming along the upper paved trail. Blooming in the woods and along the trail down to the waterfall: Fringecup <I>(Tellima grandiflora)</I>, Pacific Bleeding Hearts <I>(Dicentra formosa)</I>, Fairy Bells <I>(Disporum smithii)</I>, Candy Flower <I>(Claytonia sibirica)</I>, Pacific Waterleaf <I>(Hydrophyllum tenuipes)</I>, Wild Strawberry <I>(Fragaria virginiana)</I>, Western Serviceberry <I>(Amelanchier alnifolia)</I>, Salmonberry <I>(Rubus spectabilis)</I>, Starflower <I>(Trientalis borealis ssp. latifolia)</I>, False Solomon's Seal <I>(Maianthemum racemosum)</I>, and Cinquefoil <I>(Potentilla sp.)</I>. One group of Stream Violets <I>(Viola glabella)</I> is blooming next to the creek. Chickweed Monkeyflower <I>(Mimulus alsinoides)</I> is blooming on the hillside across from the waterfall.

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