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In the area above and east of the rock arch: there are still plenty of bitterroot to see with most still in bud stage on the rocky outcrops along the trail that runs above the rock arch and heads heads up towards to the high power lines, especially the rock out crops where that trail flattens out before it starts heading down towards those high power lines. On arch and some of the rock outcrops uphill from the top of it saw a Penstemon with long pinkish purple flowers on short stalks with grey green succulent style leaves. The large patches of camas, sand clover, and shooting stars are gone, and much of the grass up there has turned brown too. Green grass and some lupines are still in the shade of the trees and other more moist areas there. In the plain below the high power lines and above the old corral saw: Lupine in many areas under the trees, a nice patch of Big Head Clover, and many Bi-Colored Cluster Lilies, and under an oak tree a stand of white (garden not wild) iris. Along the road that goes up the left side of the canyon (from where it branches and crosses the creek by the foot bridge) saw: Cornflower, a few Paintbrush, some Bare-stem Desert Parsley, Barrett's Penstemon, and in places nice clumps of Lupines. Most everywhere in the canyon poison oak had some kind of blossom or seed hanging from it too.

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