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Drove out to where the Cape Horn Trail runs along Strunk and Rim Rd... an area that gets a lot of sun and which I thought might have some early wildflowers... but the large field there that had many flowers last June looked like mowed grass on this day. Then drove down to the trail head across from the Park and Ride lot, again no flowers, and then finally stopped where the trail crosses SR14 just around the corner and west of Cape Horn Viewpoint. Along the beginning of the trail on the upper side of the road are many plants just starting to come up/throw leaves, and a few smallish Trillium blooms were just about to unfurl... otherwise nothing. It was raining lightly so I did not walk far along any section of trail. Across SR 14 on the downhill side just new plants coming up, no flowers. Hope to check out these locals again in April.

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