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Hiked up 1.5 miles short of Benson Plateau when my whining became too much for my friend to bear. We were told there was snow on the plateau. Trail had Nuttall's toothwort (<I>Cardamine nuttallii</I>), western trillium (<I>Trillium ovatum</I>), Columbia kittentails (<I>Synthyris missurica</I>), and others in forested areas. Higher up in the moss-covered rocky outcrops were glacier lily (<I>Erythronium grandiflorum</I>), blue-eyed mary (<I>Collinsia</I> sp.), prairie-star (<I>Lithophragma</I> sp.), chickweed monkeyflower (<I>Mimulus alsinoides</I>), and checker lily (<I>Fritillaria affinis</I>) in bloom.

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