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On the loop from the parking lot that goes along the old road into the canyon and past the rock arch then back around above the rock arch and down to the road. Grass Widows were all but gone, a few stragglers were visible in the shadier areas and slopes. In the canyon a few sprays of Dutchman's Breeches were blooming amongst the oaks across the old road from the creek. Also seen scattered about were Gold Stars, Saxifrage, Buttercups, a few Prairie Stars, young yellow desert parsley. Above a rocky slope above the stretch of the old road that heads up the hill from the corral saw a few Balsamroot in bloom; and later from the trail above looking down onto the ledge with the dead tree snag there were numerous Balsamroot beginning to bloom. Along the upper section of trail above the rock arch were scattered Goldstars, Saxifrage, and the very first of the blue and white camas had stalks with buds and one flower in bloom. Around many of the pine trees in the canyon and on the bluffs above the rock arch were the first leaves of lupine, but no bloom or bloom stalks yet. Along the lower section of trail above the rock arch were many large patches of Shooting Stars in full bloom, abundant Saxifrage, and on the rocky slopes yellow desert parsley and some Columbia desert parsley just starting to bloom.

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