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The dominant flowers now in bloom are Western Saxifrage <I>(Saxifraga occidentalis)</I> and Meadow Death-Camas <I>(Zigadenus venenosus </I>var.<I> venenosus)</I>. Also in bloom: Columbia Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium columbianum)</I>, Pungent Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium grayi)</I>, Bare-stem Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium nudicaule)</I>, Nine-leaf Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium triternatum </I>var.<I> triternatum)</I>, False Agoseris <I>(Nothocalais troximoides)</I>, Western Buttercup <I>(Ranunculus occidentalis</I> var. <I>occidentalis)</I>, Gold Stars <I>(Crocidium multicaule)</I>, Dutchman's Breeches <I>(Dicentra cucullaria)</I>, Yellow Bells <I>(Fritillaria pudica)</I>, Desert Shooting Star <I>(Dodecatheon conjugens)</I>, Small-flowered Prairie Star <I>(Lithophragma parviflorum)</I>, occasional Upland Larkspur <I>(Delphinium nuttallianum)</I>, Miner's Lettuce <I>(Claytonia perfoliata)</I>, and Salt & Pepper <I>(Lomatium piperi)</I>. <P> Blooming at higher elevations (e.g., above the arch): lots of False Agoseris and Poet's Shooting Stars <I>(Dodecatheon poeticum)</I>, Chickweed Monkey Flower <I>(Mimulus alsinoides)</I>, Rosy Plectritis <I>(Plectritis congesta)</I>, Small-flowered Blue-eyed Mary <I>(Collinsia parviflora)</I>, and Slender Popcorn Flower <I>(Plagiobothrys tenellus)</I>. Common Camas <I>(Camassia quamash)</I> is just starting. Oaks Toothwort <I>(Cardamine pulcherrima)</I> and Ball-Head Waterleaf <I>(Hydrophyllum capitatum</I> var. <I>thompsonii)</I> are blooming in the woods above the corral, though the lupine in that area is still a week or two away. <P> Grass Widows <I>(Olsynium douglasii)</I> are nearly finished for the season, but there were still a few at higher elevations. <P> Common Monkey Flower <I>(Mimulus guttatus)</I> is blooming next to the old highway slightly east of the parking area.

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