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Although the wildflowers are looking quite good, they are still not quite at their peak (with the possible exception of the saxifrage). <P> Now blooming: Wild Strawberry <I>(Fragaria virginiana </I>var.<I> platypetala)</I>, Fairy Lanterns <I>(Prosartes smithii)</I>, Fringecup <I>(Tellima grandiflora)</I>, Chocolate Lily <I>(Fritillaria affinis)</I>, lots of Western Saxifrage <I>(Saxifraga occidentalis)</I>, Merten's Saxifrage <I>(Saxifraga mertensiana)</I>, Chickweed Monkeyflower <I>(Mimulus alsinoides)</I>, Few-Flowered Shooting Star <I>(Dodecatheon pulchellum)</I>, Cliff Larkspur <I>(Delphinium menziesii)</I>, Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium sp.)</I>, Rosy Plectritis <I>(Plectritis congesta)</I>, Small-flowered Prairie Star <I>(Lithophragma parviflora)</I>, Gold Star <I>(Crocidium multicaule)</I>, Wood Violet <I>(Viola glabella)</I>, Fairyslipper <I>(Calypso bulbosa)</I>. Salmonberry <I>(Rubus spectabilis)</I>, Pacific Bleeding Heart <I>(Dicentra formosa)</I>, Dutchman's Breeches <I>(Dicentra cucullaria)</I>, and Western Trillium <I>(Trillium ovatum)</I> (past peak). There are also many Glacier Lilies <I>(Erythronium grandiflorum)</I> in bloom starting around High Bridge and continuing further upstream.

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