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It's a fantastic time to visit this beautiful trail, especially for the Poison Larkspur <I>(Delphinium trolliifolium)</I>, which is EVERYWHERE. Also blooming are: Candyflower <I>(Claytonia sibirica)</I>, Pacific Waterleaf <I>(Hydrophyllum tenuipes)</I>, False Solomon's Seal <I>(Maianthemum racemosum)</I>, Fairy Lantern <I>(Disporum smithii)</I>, Piggy-back Plant <I>(Tolmiea menziesii)</I>, Fringecup <I>(Tellima grandiflora)</I>. Starry Solomon's Seal <I>(Maianthemum stellatum)</I>, Pacific bleeding heart <I>(Dicentra formosa)</I>, Western Sweet Cicely <I>(Osmorhiza occidentalis)</I>, Miner's Lettuce <I>(Claytonia perfoliata)</I>, Salmonberry <I>(Rubus spectabilis)</I>, Inside-Out Flower <I>(Vancouveria hexandra)</I>, Thimbleberry <I>(Rubus parviflorus)</I>, False Lily of the Valley <I>(Maianthemum dilatatum)</I>, Western Columbine <I>(Aquilegia formosa)</I>, Wood Violet <I>(Viola glabella)</I>, Sticky Cinquefoil <I>(Potentilla glandulosa)</I>, Queen's Cup (Clintonia uniflora), and Columbia Windflower <I>(Anemone deltoidea)</I>.

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