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The annual kaleidoscopic display at Silver Star Mountain has begun! I estimate that viewing conditions should be excellent for the next two weeks, if not longer. <P> Varieties currently blooming along the Ed's Trail loop include: Inside-Out Flower <I>(Vancouveria hexandra)</I>, Candyflower <I>(Claytonia sibirica)</I>, Western bistort <I>(Polygonum bistortoides)</I>, Western columbine <I>(Aquilegia formosa)</I>, Indian paintbrush <I>(Castilleja miniata)</I>, Mountain golden-pea <I>(Thermopsis montana)</I>, Long-beaked hawkweed <I>(Hieracium longiberbe)</I>, Nootka Rose <I>(Rosa nutkana)</I>, Oregon sunshine <I>(Eriophyllum lanatum)</I>, Cascade aster <I>(Aster ledophyllus)</I>, Woodland penstemon <I>(Nothochelone nemorosa)</I>, Cardwell's penstemon <I>(Penstemon cardwellii)</I>, Cliff penstemon <I>(Penstemon rupicola)</I>, Nuttall's larkspur <I>(Delphinium nuttallii)</I>, Rosy spiraea <I>(Spiraea splendens)</I>, Sitka valerian <I>(Valeriana sitchensis)</I>, Oregon iris <I>(Iris tenax)</I>, Tiger lily <I>(Lilium columbianum)</I>, Small-flowered paintbrush <I>(Castilleja parviflora)</I>, Pacific Bleeding Heart <I>(Dicentra formosa)</I>, Thimbleberry <I>(Rubus parviflorus)</I>, Mountain Wallflower <I>(Erysimum arenicola)</I>, Subalpine mariposa lily <I>(Calochortus subalpinus)</I>, Spreading phlox <I>(Phlox diffusa)</I>, Columbia Lewisia <I>(Lewisia columbiana)</I> in rocky areas, Western Sweetvetch <I>(Hedysarum occidentale)</I>, Rusty Saxifrage <I>(Saxifraga ferruginea)</I>, and some Clasping Twisted Stalk <I>(Streptopus amplexifolius)</I> near the rock face along Edís Trail. <P> In addition to the preceding list, the following are blooming between the upper trail junction and the summit: Western serviceberry <I>(Amelanchier alnifolia)</I>, Queen's cup <I>(Clintonia uniflora)</I>, Evergreen Violet <I>(Viola sempervirens)</I>, and lots of Coiled-Beak Lousewort <I>(Pedicularis contorta)</I>. <P> <UL> <LI>There are many Explorer's Gentian <I>(Gentiana calycosa)</I> ready to open, but I did not see any in bloom yet.</LI> <LI>Although there are a good number of Tiger Lilies currently blooming, there are <B>hundreds</B> more on the verge of opening.</LI> <LI>Because last year was a banner year for Bear grass <I>(Xerophyllum tenax)</i>, there are only a few patches of it this year, mostly along higher elevations of Edís Trail and at the summit.</LI> </UL>

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