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The grass widows <I>(Sisyrincium douglasii </I>var. <I>douglasii)</I> are still the predominant flower; though past peak at lower elevations, there are still many to be seen.<P> Also blooming are: Western saxifrage <I>(Saxifraga occidentalis)</I>; Pungent Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium grayii)</I>; Piper's desert parsley <I>(Lomatium piperi)</I>; Columbia desert parsley <I>(Lomatium columbianum)</I>; Smooth prairie star <I>(Lithophragma glabrum)</I>; Gold star <I>(Crocidium multicaule)</I>; and Yellow Bell <I>(Fritillaria pudica)</I>. Above the arch I noted one isolated bloom of Northwest Balsamroot <I>(Balsamorhiza deltoidea)</I>, Chickweed Monkeyflower <I>(Mimulus alsinoides)</I>, small-flowered blue-eyed Mary <I>(Collins parviflora)</I>, occasional Naked Broomrape <I>(Orobanche uniflora)</I>, and several patches of Poet’s Shooting Star <I>(Dodecatheon poeticum)</I> in areas that are normally moist (but already dry, well ahead of schedule).

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