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There are lots of lovely wildflowers blooming here, and all along the Historic Columbia River Highway. <P> On the trail to Bridal Veil Falls, I saw Field chickweed (<i>Cerastium arvense)</i>, Oregon geranium (<i>Geranium oreganum</i>), Large-leaf avens (<i>Geum macrophyllum</i>), Pacific bleeding heart (<i>Dicentra formosa</i>), and Honesty (<i>Lunaria annua</i>). <P> The loop trail past the viewpoints is completely surrounded by amazing wildflowers right now: whole swaths of Oxeye daisies (<i>Leucanthemum vulgare</i>), Common camas (<i>Camassia quamash</i>), Oregon geranium (<i>Geranium oreganum</i>), and tiny Dove's foot geranium (<i>Geranium molle</i>). I also spotted some Desert parsley, Miner's lettuce (<i>Claytonia perfoliata</i>), and Small-flowered blue-eyed Mary (<i>Collinsia parviflora</i>). There's also a big fragrant Lilac bush at the east end of the loop.

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