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Camassia Natural AreaPortlandOR04/13/2019
Cathedral Hills County ParkSouthwest OregonOR04/16/2019
Catherine CreekColumbia Gorge (east - WA)WA04/14/2019
Catherine CreekColumbia Gorge (east - WA)WA04/14/2019
Lyle Cherry OrchardColumbia Gorge (east - WA)WA04/14/2019
Memaloose HillsColumbia Gorge (east - OR)OR04/14/2019
Memaloose HillsColumbia Gorge (east - OR)OR04/12/2019
Mosier PlateauColumbia Gorge (east - OR)OR04/12/2019
Mosier Twin TunnelsOR04/14/2019

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